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Hi again.

I just submitted Stars Inside Her: Lesbian Erotic Fantasy edited by Cecelia 
Tan. Again, it's in .rtf format. Copyright has been verified. The synopsis 
will be below.


Are you a fan of women's music? If so, and you're interested in hearing the 
latest edition of "The Eclectic Collection: A Celebration of Women In 
Music", feel free to send a message to:

In this anthology of erotica by queer women, the authors explore the true 
meaning of the word "fantasy." For in STARS INSIDE HER, any dream or wish 
can live at the heart of the eroticism. In these stories, women seek their 
pleasure through magic, from goddesses, in enchanted forests, and with fairy 
women. Taking desire out of our modernday political context, and letting 
imagination run free, these writers create erotic fantasies like no other.

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