[bksvol-discuss] Re: A Request for Fewer Off-Topic Messages

  • From: "Lori Castner" <loralee.castner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 18:07:35 -0700

Hi, Emily,

I have mentioned this option before.  There is a second Bookshare discussion 
list where people can post information about books they are reading, and 
comments on almost all other issues.  I rejoined that list several weeks ago, 
and to my surprise it is a very quiet list.  The volunteer list gets much more 
traffic and much of it more appropriate for the other list.

Anyway, for those who might be interested the email for the other list is:


  I went to the freelists website to subscribe.

  Lori C.
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  From: Emily Harrison 
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  Subject: [bksvol-discuss] A Request for Fewer Off-Topic Messages

  Hi everyone,

  I would like to politely request a lessening of the off-topic discussion on 
this list.  I joined this list in order to keep in step with the evolving 
nature of volunteering for Bookshare.  I completely understand and appreciate 
that off-topic discussion helps bring a volunteer community closer, but I am 
finding it very difficult to keep up with the posts actually related to 
volunteering lately, as there are so many completely unrelated messages mixed 
in.  A multitude of other online venues exist where it is more appropriate to 
chat about holidays, musicians, birthdays, politics and other such subjects, 
but this list is pretty much the only place to chat about volunteering for 
Bookshare.  In the interest of continuing to make volunteering the great 
experience it is, I hope that most of the off-topic discussion here can be 
posted elsewhere.  I am not trying to point fingers or be a downer, nor am I 
asking for a removal of all off-topic discussion, but the sheer volume of 
off-topic posts lately has simply been overwhelming.  Thanks for reading!

  Emily Harrison

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