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If you check, Monica, you may find that many of the romances are submitted by the same person. This is a person we validators have been sending comments to in an effort to improve her actual scans. The scans are improving, often slowly and with much backsliding back to poor work. If she does not care about her submits, I doubt she cares about descriptions. She never even checks off romance as the category. Every time I validate and approve one of her better scans I check off the category myself.


At 03:04 AM 9/20/2007, you wrote:
I know that by posting here I'm only reaching some of our volunteers. I am writing to ask those of you who submit or validate our romances to take a moment and write a short synopsis of the book you're working on. If the submitter didn't provide a synopsis, the validater is not only free but is encouraged to write a synopsis for the book. I have seen 3 books on today's new books list with descriptions that say things like "Christian romance" or "Harlequin romance." There is no indication of what the book is about, and that's not really fair to the author or to our members. It's not happening nearly as much in other categories, and it almost looks to me like our romance submitters and validaters don't care about their books. I know that's not true because they're still being scanned and validated. When I went into the romance category, I found literally over 100 books with either no synopsis at all or the phrase "Harlequin romance" or "Christian romance" as the description. If I introduced you to a friened of mine but I didn't say anything about you, what would that feel like? I could introduce you as "just some girl I know" instead of actually using your name. An introduction like that wouldn't make the new person really interested in talking to you. When we don't bother to describe our books to our members, they have nothing to go on to know whether they'd like to read the book or not. So after all your time scanning or validating, people are probably passing your books by in favor of ones they can learn something about. The synopsis doesn't need to be fancy. Something like "a romance set in a Victorian castle" would at least let us know something about what the book may be like. A great short synopsis might be something like "Lady Emily is engaged to a rogue but her heart belongs to Lord Sedrick." Or how about "sexy romance set in the fashion world in Paris." You can look at the back cover of the book for inspiration and then use your own words to describe the book. If you get stuck, try posting to the list and asking for help in making up a synopsis. There are a lot of people here who would be glad to help you.

Monica Willyard

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