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Check the format to see if anything changed in that section of the book.
JAWS has problems sometimes if it encounters formats that it?s not used to







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I am using JAWS 7.1 and Word 2003 to clean up books I have scanned before
submitting them.  Recently, I've run into a problem with one particular file
I'm working on.  When I move word by word in the file, JAWS will say "blank"
for each word' however, it reads the line without problems.  I have worked
on other files that open in Word and do not have this problem.  I also have
not had this problem with the current file up to the point I am working on.
I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar and what
solutions you might offer.


Thank you.

Alexis Read

"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn." John Cotton



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