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thanks for the information.

Melissa Green
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  Hi everyone. If anyone here needs to upgrade from an old Microsoft Office and 
is dreading being forced to use the ribbons in Microsoft Office 2007, I have 
found a place that is still selling new, legal copies of Office 2003. I found 
it because I need to buy my own version of Office for our work PC and was 
determined to escape the ribbon of doom. The prices range from $132 for Basic 
up to $288 for the full retail Standard version. They have the Pro version too, 
but I didn't check the prices on that. 

  The site is 

  If you don't like shopping on new sites, Amazon does have some copies of Pro 
for sale on their site as well. They do cost more though, around $499 for the 
full version and $399 for an upgrade from older versions of Office.

  Monica Willyard
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