[bksvol-discuss] A Fist Full of Charms

  • From: "Lora" <loravara@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 06:06:17 -0600

If the person who scanned this book is on the list, please drop me a note.
The book seems to end in a strange place, and I'm fairly certain a few pages
of the conclusion are gone.

After the conclusion, there are several additional pages, excerpts from
other books Kim Harrison has written, but I couldn't find the remainder of
the book.

The story ends as follows at this point, on page 529, I think:

I didn't know if dominant was the right word. But if they didn't leave, the
point would be moot. The honest to God's truth was, in some twisted fashion
Ivy needed me more than I needed her. But the "dating guide" Ivy had given
me last spring so I would stop pressing her vamp-instinct buttons hadn't had
a chapter on "What to Do If You Find Yourself the Dominant." I was in
uncharted territory. 



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