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Hi Jamie in Michigan,
First, it wasn't your fault.  You didn't push the book as an easy
validation.  I made an assumption; my problem!

Regarding the Font:
This could be because I'm new, but for me this font presented problems such
as unknown characters.  For example, in the "Need to Know" section Word was
calling something a "space mark".  I had never heard of that and decided to
remove it.  I hope that was the right decision.  Also, in the RTF file,
there was a lot of white space between the description of the animal group
and the "Need to Know" which would make the "Need to Know" go across pages.
The sighted person who could see some of the book in Amazon said that it
should all be on one page.  So, I went under "paragraphs" in Word and saw
that this font had a huge number for the white space.  When this was changed
to 3.6, each animal group and "Need to Know" fit on one page.  I also wasn't
sure how the bolding in this font would translate and decided to do all
caps.  I guess a lot of the problem is that I don't understand how
Bookshare's translator handles a lot of these things.  Is there any way to
find out?  As I said, a lot of this may be because I'm new at validating.

I'll check out your other books in a couple of days.  And, you're right, I
did learn a lot from this scan, and that's a good thing!  It sounds as if
I'm griping about it all the time, (sorry,) but I enjoyed reading and
learning about animal groups I didn't know about.  As you said, I feel
somewhat more confident in my decision making.  

Hope this makes sense, and again, thanks for your patience with a new

Cindy 4

To handle yourself, use your head. 
To handle others, use your heart. 
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