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I would think that the book nook could be used through Accessible World. Bob
seemed to have no problem with that!


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Hi Monica!
I've not hear of this, but sounds good to me. *smile*


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Hi everyone. If you can't use the Accessible World Rooms, you can use one of
the rooms at ourplace.acbradio.org to chat. It's the same chat room as
Accessible World uses, so you don't have to learn anything new. They have
several rooms. I personally like to use the Politics room because it's
rarely used for other things. It's reserved for a show on Tuesday nights,
but it's wide open and usually empty on the weekends. At least, that was
true when I spent time there. I haven't been there for a few months.
The ACB Radio rooms can hold a lot of people, and private text chat is
enabled in case people want to exchange email addresses or Skype names. I
think it's a great choice for helping our Bookshare community connect, both
as a group and on a private level beyond the chat. 
A bonus to meeting in that room or one like it is that people may join the
chat when they see people in that room. You may meet people who have never
heard of Bookshare or have only heard about Bookshare being hard to use.
There is a huge void in the blind community. Most of them still don't know
about Bookshare at all or have only heard about it as a sort of thing for
really academic people. I used to be able to sign up between 8 to 10 members
and at least 2 volunteers each month, just from talking with people about
what I'm reading or scanning for Bookshare. When they see that it's not just
about textbooks, they usually get pretty excited.
If our volunteer community held a chat somewhere, people would begin to join
it to learn about Bookshare. Just by including these people in our games,
chatter about our books, and suggestions about scanning or proofreading, we
make it safe for a new person to ask questions. That's often the first step
toward gaining a new friend, Bookshare member, and/or volunteer. When
someone offers to help a new member learn how to unzip and read books,
Bookshare becomes fun, not something to fear.
What do you all think?
Monica Willyard
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker


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likeyouRE: Re: O T, Looking for a Meteorologist to Kick

We have to find out where and how and if we are allowed to use the
accessible world rooms.

Jamie in Michigan

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