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BookShare is awesome! Thanks for being so very timely! I have a number of
books to validate so it might be a while before I am able to sit down and
read it.  Once again, however, we have had a book (report) almost as soon as
someone who is sighted.  Congratulations to our BookShare family, and best
of all it didn't even need validation, oooo wouldn't have wanted to tackle
that one!

Reggie and Lonnie

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>     Thanks once again to Andrea O'Brien our Operations Intern who as again
> gotten a timely piece of work out in record time.  The Final Report of the
> 9-11 Commission is now available at the direct link
> http://www.bookshare.org/web/SingleTitle.html?submittitleid=26620
>     Not only that, but it's in the public domain so anyone who wants it,
> anyplace may download it freely.  The official Government version is
> in PDF only so here we present to you in your choice of Braille or DAISY.
> Thanks
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