[bksvol-discuss] 6 spoken for but still 20 free books for scanners

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  • Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 16:33:13 -0500

Dear Booksharian Friends, particularly scanners

The following books have been wrapped and will be mailed tomorrow

-The Family Treasury of Children's Stories Vol 2 - - 494

-Ark in the Park by Wendy Orr - 78 pages

-Trembling - hardcover - 153 pages -

-The Bishop and the Missing L Train - a Blackie Ryan Story - Andrew M. Greeley
- - 285 pages-

-A golden String - Daisy Newman 187 pages -

-George Washington's -Sacred Fire - by Peter Lilback - about 1180 pages -

Thank you so much for taking on these scans.

I’ve added 6 more books for you They’ll be at the bottoms of the categories



-Toads and Frogs,by Bertha Morris Parker - 36 pages with lots of writing,
looks like neat stuff to know for any age even a page about newts and related

-See Through the Jungle by Millicent Selsam - older hard cover - about 55 pages
- don't know what it's about but the art is very abstract so picture
descriptions could be difficult or not terribly important. Your call.
-Sam The Minuteman an I Can Read History Book - Nathaniel Benchley - 64 pages -
lots of pictures and large print text that looks as if it would scan well.

-Strange Creatures of the Snow And Other Great Mysteries - Edward F. Dolan, Jr.
- hardcover - about 110 pages - Full pages of text, like the frog book I'd love
proofreading it but I can't proofread and I have to fight my tendency to keep
too many books for myself.

-Operation Phantom Dribbler - a Spy Five Book - Spencer Strange - 96 pages -
like new soft cover - irregular margins, borders on pages, sometimes more than
one layer, many pictures of all sizes - probably difficult scan but also
probably a book tons of kids will want to read

-Whatever! a Teeny Novel of Epic Proportions – by Sarah Snyder and Stephanie
Snyder – soft cover 424 pages - from library but feels like new. – contains 490
SAT words listed in the back and written by two teenagers about a girl who has
to start over when she moves to Fresno – Looks like a fun read and helpful to
kids kind of struggling to get better SAT scores – A very helpful and fun book
to add to add for kids

-Vampire Bugs: Stories Conjured From The Past – Sharon Dennis Wyeth – hardcover
– 81 pages- Horror for teens I think an easy scan


adult Fiction

-Khaled by F. Marion Crawford - mass market paperback - about 212 pages -
tanned around edges of pages - I believe it's eastern culture based fantasy

-Kilroy and the Gull - Nathaniel Benchley - hardcover - 118 - about captured
killer whale

-Unveiling by Suzanne M. Wolfe - 190 pages - library hard cover discard - Woman
learns more about herself as she restores an old painting

-Fables for the Fair One of Them : Cautionary Tales for Damsels Not Yet in
Distress – 120 Pages - copyright 1967 – No author, publisher has the copyright
–A book of fables for women writing around 1900 looks so charming I’m
struggling to share it. Somebody let me know when it gets in the collection –
Like new hardcover,

-Kinki lullaby, Issac Adamson – I think it’s for adults – about 220 pages, I
think, – The text is clear and will scan well but the page numbers are in a
very strange block like font I can’t read – Says it’s the edgy 4th book in a
mystery series – probably not your ordinary mystery, not x rated, but violent
and about dreams and people not being hwat they seem, though that last bit is
common enough


adult Nonfiction

-Out of Control Who's Watching Our Child Protection Agencies? by Brenda Scott -
softcover about 200 pages has footnotes the numbers in the text, the footnotes
listed at the end.

- An Eye for the Dragon Southeast Asia Observed: 1954-1970 by Dennis Bloodworth
- hardcover - about 400 pages, pretty serious history with a chronology of
events after the core text a bibliography and index - material after the core
content doesn't have to be scanned, but only the index, which is in columns
could bbe troublesome

- Revolution in World Missions - by K. P. Yohannan - about 240 pages - will be
a BSO of bookshare's copy which has no title, no chapter titles, and other many
paragraph breaks which split sentences and is too bad a shape to be fixed
without a rescan.

- No Mercy by John Walsh - like new hardcover - about 300 pages - Author is
host of America's Most Wanted. Bookshare has others of his books but not this

-A Christian's Guide to Guidance - Jay E. Adams - like new soft cover about a
hundred pages - a few blank pages after the core text and then 4 pages of other
titles valuable for finding more possible books to scan

-Long Road Home China Journal Bera Schwarcz like new hard cover with dust
jacket 284 - Author's 16 years in communist China

-A Feast of Families- Virginia Stem Owens – new softcover – 143 pages – warm
memoir of author’s growing up in a large family emphasizing how Christian
values were passed on.

If this is the first time you’re reading this Here is how I role, or is it Roll?

The following is a list of books I'll send to any scanner who requests one.
Write to me off list at airadil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you'd like one, first come
first served. I'll need your address. Here is my policy on mailing out books

1 Any book I mail to you is yours to keep for free, I pay postage, too. My
reward is knowing a volunteer scanner and proofreader added a book to Bookshare.

2 Submit your book with a hold for a proofer you like to work with or with no
hold, for anyone to proofread.

3 The only thing I track is whether the book ends up in the collection. Once
your book is in the collection, if you'd like another book, you can contact me.
If I have more books I'll reply with a list for you to choose from, always free
as explained above.

4 I only use your email address to talk with you about books. I won't bug you
or give your address to anyone.

5 Who gets what book is confidential. I'm no blabber.

6 At the time of mailing I believe the book isn't in the collection. If, when
you receive the book, it has been added, you still keep the book. If you'd like
another write to me and tell me your book was already added and I'll send a
book you choose off to you.

7 If the book has elements you can't scan and you have to give up on it, I'll
send you another. Whatever happens, you keep the book.

8 If you end up not scanning the book, I won't ask for it back or bug you. I
just won't send you more unless you have special circumstances and we work it
out off list.

My hope is to help scanners in need of books. Please be tempted by something
here as far flung as these books may be.


Always with love,


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