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Excellent point.  And scanners who are using Kurzweil 8 or higher may want 
to consider scanning with Grayscale and speckle removal active at 400DPI. 
It often does better than any automatic settings optimization.  The bottom 
line is:  folks,  getting good results is not rocket science.  It is only 
a matter to spending a little time to get things set up right ahead of a 
scanning job and a little time to clean up what did not come out right.


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[bksvol-discuss] Re: 550 books in the download queue

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If you find patterns such as die for the and bum for burn and bam for 
please rather than rejecting a whole book, use the find and replace 
judiciously and fix those errors.  Really folks pattern errors such as 
these take relatively little time to fix.

Also these are examples of patterns caused by scanning settings being out 
of whack.  Please please scanners, get your hands on those scanning 
optimizers if you can.  They make a world of difference.  Much of this 
pattern error stuff simply goes away with good software settings.  I never 

was much good at optimizing those settings myself so like the feature a 


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