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Mary, I totally agree with you.  Just because I am blind it doesn't mean
that I should be forced to accept lesser quality than those who are sighted.
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> Ken,
> I think there is a middle ground between some unattainable goal of
perfection on one hand, and letting easily  fixed errors go on the other, on
the grounds that most of us have been without access to books for much
> of our lives. I, for one, will not read a sloppy book with all kinds of
junk in it, which detracts from my ability to follow what the author is
saying. Occasional errors are one thing. Messed up tables are still a fact
of life in
> many instances. But there is simply no reason to submit a book with blocks
of junk that was the result of a poorly recognized graph, chart, picture,
diagram or other object that does not ocr well or at all.  If the book is
> worth submitting, its worth taking the time to get rid of the stuff that
can be found by using the tools that the modern ocr progarms put at our
> Mary

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