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I'd like 39 Pure PoetryNati> From: airadil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: 
bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> CC: bookshare-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: 
[bksvol-discuss] 53 new free books to submittors from Lissi> Date: Thu, 29 May 
2008 14:18:25 -0400> > Dear Booksharian Friends,> > > > It looks as if a 
Bookshare Volunteer's work is never done because here are > 53 more books I'll 
mail to scanners who request them for free, to scan and > submit. Keep or do 
anything with them except returning them to me.> > > > Please ask for books 
which interest you by number and name off list at> > > > airadil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> > > It's first come, first served with a cap of about 5 books per requester. 
> I'll send a few updated lists so you can see which books have been claimed > 
and which remain.> > > > Validators can tell me off list about books you'd like 
to validate and I'll > pass on your information to the person who is scanning 
the book so they can > put a hold on it for you at their discretion. This is 
first asked first > served, too> > > > This list has many books for kids age 8 
and up including several series > books and books for teens. I've been told 
that Bookshare is especially > appreciative of books on these levels because of 
their huge award from the > department of education. Books 1-37 are for readers 
age 8 to 20, and 38-53 > are for adults> > > > I'm lucky to be able to pick up 
bags of books at low prices at Library > sales. I really appreciate all of you 
who take these books and scan them. As > of two weeks ago they weren't in the 
collection. If you know of any titles > on this list which have been added, 
please tell me so I can delete them.> > > > Usually about half of the books I 
list are requested. If you have ideas of > other places I can post this list to 
find more volunteers to scan them, > please contact me.> > > > This is a wildly 
diverse set of books. Enjoy!> > > > Always with love,> > > > Lissi> > > > 1. 
Pokeman Adapted by Tracy West, three paperbacks about 75 pages each, > third 
grade reading level. The titles are:> > A. Night in the Haunted Tower> > B. 
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokeman> > C. Island of the Giant Pokeman.> > > > 4. 
Horace Splattly: The Cupcaked Crusader, Book 1, by Lawrence David, trade > 
paperback, 137 pages. Horace is the smallest ten year old in town, empowered > 
by his sister's chemically altered cupcakes and forced to wear an ugly, > 
purple outfit.> > > > 5. Horace Splattly: The Cupcaked Crusader, When Second 
Graders Attack, Book > 2, by Lawrence David, trade paperback 154 pages. All the 
food in town has > been replaced with bad-tasting snoodles, and kids are 
throwing gravy snack > cup-bombs.> > > > 6. Tale of the Unfinished Masterpiece, 
book 4 of The Rugrats Files, A Time > Travel Adventure, by Maria Rosado, trade 
paperback, 139 pages, ages 8-12. > The rugrats go to sixteenth-century 
Florence, Italy, looking for a palace > and Leonardo da Vinci and hoping to fix 
their broken flying machine.> > > > 7. The Big Bang Theory, Butt-Ugly Martians, 
book 1, by Gerry Bailey, trade > paperback, 84 pages. Martians--Doo-wah Diddy, 
2-T-Fru-T, and B,Bop-A-Luna > are sent to conquer the Earth, but they love fast 
food, video games, rock > music and humans, so they befriend three kids.> > > > 
8. Crab Cake & Pepper, by Frank Weaver, Jr., trade paperback, 215 pages. > 
1951, Pepper and his friend try to catch a legendary rainbow trout, and see > 
two ex-cons try to drown a game warden. A border Collie heroically saves the > 
boys.> > > > 9. Juice, by Eric Walters, paperback but very white paper and good 
contrast > print, should get an excellent scan, 100 pages, reading level 2.9, 
for teens > and older, about kids in footbal taking steroids.> > > > 10. 
Invasion of the Appleheads, Deadtime Stories, book 2 of 10, by A. G. > Cascone, 
paperback, 128 pages. Their parents are turned into shrunken old > applehead 
dolls, the witches and ghouls look real, can Robin and Andy stop > something 
rotten in Appleton?> > > > 11. Blast Off If You Dare: Stories from Space 
Mountain, by Cathy East > Dubowski, trade paperback, 88 pages. Aliens, mosters 
and spaceships gallore.> > > > 12. The Otterbury Incident, by C. Day Lewis, 
paperback, 190 pages. An > imaginative novel about young kids playing 
football.> > > > 13. We Wish You A Scary Christmas, by M. T. Coffin, #16 in the 
Spinetinglers > series, paperback, 135 pages. Santa may be gone for good. 
Strange people > have a prisoner in their basement. You may be captured too, if 
you help him.> > > > 14. Millions, by Frank Cottrell, Boyce, new paperback, 260 
pages. Brothers, > Damien and Anthony must spend or return a million dollars in 
seventeen days, > when it will become worthless, or before the crooks who stole 
it catch them.> > > > 15. Sisterchicks on the Loose, by Robin Jones Gunn, new 
paperback, 282 > pages. Fun, feel good Penny, a motorcycle mama, and quiet 
Sharon, become > friends as young mothers; and twenty years later, look for 
lost relatives in > Finland.> > > > 16. Nighty-Nightmare, by James Howe, sequel 
to Bunnicula, paperback, 121 > pages. Bunnicula's friends have adventures 
staying in the woods overnight. > Ages 8-12.> > > > 17. The Secret Journey, by 
Peg Kehret, hardcover, 135 pages. Twelve-year-old > Emma sneaks to join her 
sick mother and her father on their voyage to > France, but is stowed away on 
Black Lightning, the most terrifying slave > ship with a cruel captain. She is 
marooned after the ship wrecks.> > > > 18. The Skeleton on the Skateboard, 
number 2 in the Graveyard School series, > paperback, 120 pages. Skate and 
Vickie want to learn secrets from a new > skateboarder to beat mean Eddie in a 
contest, but may have to make deadly > moves in return.> > > > 19. Frankenstine 
Moved in on the Fourth Floor, by Elizabeth Levy, A Trophy > Chapter Book, ages 
7-10, RL 2.6, paperback, 57 pages. What is wrong with Mr. > Frank? He's mean, 
uses too much electricity and moans come from his > apartment. Could he be the 
real Frankenstine?> > > > 20. Starbright and the Dream Eater, by Joy Cowley, 
hardcover, 139 pages. Why > is the twon worried about a mysterious sickness, 
that Starbright thinks is a > media scare? Then Mark, her best friend, falls 
asleep and won't wake up.> > > > 21. The Stowaway: A Tale of California 
Pirates, by Christiana Gregory, > hardcover, 126 pages. 1818, eleven-year-old 
Carlito, thinks seeing pirates > is exciting until they savage his town and 
kill his father. Seeking revenge, > he sneaks aboard the ship when it sails.> > 
> > 22. Songs of Power, by Hilari Bell, hardcover, 219 pages. Imina doesn't 
know > about quarks and equations, but she knows magic, summons spirits and 
sees > visions. Her Grandma, an Inuit shaman, was teaching her, but dies. Imina 
> lives in an underwater lab, where magic is not allowed. Deep sea damage is > 
being done by an evil magic maker and Imina wants to stop the destruction.> > > 
> 23. The Worm Tunnel: A Finnegan Zwake Mystery, by Michael Dahl, paperback, > 
163 pages. Thirteen-year-old Zwake, and his uncle, a mystery writer, are > 
digging for dinosaur eggs and dig up murder. Zwakes parents are missing as > 
well.> > > > 24. Laggan Lard Butts, by Eric Walters, paperback, 108 pages. High 
interest, > low vocabulary. A quitter never wins, and a Lard Butt never quits.> 
> > > 25. Wild Horse Running, by Sam Savitt, paperback, 153 pages. About the 
wild > mustang's deep need for freedom.> > > > 26. 26l. Mucho Madness: Spy Kids 
Adventures Number 3, by Elizabeth Linhard, > paperback, 136 pages. Going to 
visit Nana in Spain, the kids are told to > stop a crazy architect using a 
chemical to make everyone extra sleepy.> > > > 27. OSS Wilderness: Spy Kids 
Adventures Number 4, by Elizabeth Lenhard, > paperback, 128 pages, ages 8-12. 
Carmen and Juni go to OSS for camp for > training and fun. The director is 
hypnotizing campers to take over the > world.> > > > 28. Superstar Spies: Spy 
Kids Adventures Number 7, by Elizabeth Linhard, > paperback, 139 pages. The 
kids are sent a rock star whose talent comes from > a jewel that gives power to 
the owner.> > > > 29. Homeless: Sunita, Vet Volunteer, Wild at Heart Series 
Number 2, American > Girl, by Laurie Halse Anderson, brand new paperback, 126 
pages. The vet's > cat is missing and Sunita finds a pack of feral cats 
instead. /The vet says > that the cats are wild, but Sunita thinks she can tame 
them and find homes > for them.> > > > 30. Trickster: David Vet Volunteer, 
Wiald at Heart Series Number 3, by > Laurie Halse Anderson, paperback, 120 
pages. Trickster's leg is hurt in a > trailer accident. Maggie will watch over 
him and prove she's responsible > enough to ride him.> > > > 31. Say Good-bye: 
Zoe Vet Volunteer, Wild at Heart Series Number 5, by > Laurie Halse Anderson, 
paperback, 125 pages. Yum-Yum, the therapy dog, who > visits kids with cancer, 
has a mouth tumor. Who will comfort the kids if > Yum-Yum has to say goodbye?> 
> > > 32. The Haunted Trail: Phantom Rider Book 2, by Janni Lee Simner, RL 5, 
ages > 10-12, paperback, 139 pages. Star is chasing Pepper, who throws Callie. 
> Callie wonders if her horse, Pepper, really loves her before the world goes > 
dark.> > > > 33. Ghost Vision: Phantom Rider Book 4, by Janni Lee Simner, RL 5, 
ages > 10-12, paperback, 137 pages. Callie helps to clear the land for their 
new > house and pool to earn horseback riding lessons.> > > > 34. Trial by 
Fire: Bionicle Adventures Number 2, by Greg Farshtey, > paperback, 136 pages. 
The Toa are searching for the Disks of Power to defeat > Morbuzakh.> > > > 35. 
Escape to Deer Island: Twin Adventure Escape, by Jeanette Windle, > paperback, 
125 pages. Justin is in danger alone in the freezing wilderness > at night.> > 
> > 36. The Mermaid Summer, by Mollie Hunter, hardcover, 119 pages. Kids seek > 
their grandfather, whom they believe was lured away by a mermaid.> > > > 37. 
Waterman's Boy, by Susan Sharpe, hardcover, 170 pages. Ben's father is a > 
waterman on the Chesapeake Bay. Ben wants to be a waterman too. He discovers > 
oil in the water and tries to do something about it.> > > > Adult Books> > > > 
38. The Wings of the Morning, by Thomas Tryon, hardcover, 567 pages. First > in 
the romantic Kingdom Come series, Christian fiction. Feuding elders > separate 
young Aurora and Sinjin. Hired girl befriends them and is > strengthened by 
tragedy. Adventure, power and conviction.> > > > 39. Pure Poetry, by Binnie 
Kirshenbaum, hardcover, 203 pages. Smart-mouthed > Jewish beauty craves sex and 
always lies and writes smutty poetry. She will > win your heart, when she 
leaves her husband for other lovers. Ghosts move > into her apartment and she 
can't write poetry.> > > > 40. Crossroads: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton, 
by Michael Schumacher, > hardcover, about 385 pages, with discography 1964-94, 
timeline and index.> > > > 41. The Purification Ceremony, by Mark T. Sullivan, 
hardcover, 335 pages. > Diana is at home in the Maine wilderness. She goes with 
seven hunters to > British Columbia to track white tailed deer and resolve 
issues in her past.> > > > 42. Sunburned Country, by Bill Bryson, hardcover, 
clear large type, 570 > pages. Travel literature about the author's experiences 
in Australia. He > also wrote A Walk in the Woods and I'm A Stranger Here 
Myself.> > > > 43. Bad Medicine: An Ella Clah Novel, by Aimee and David Thurlo, 
hardcover, > 350 pages. Former FBI agent, Ella, has returned to the reservation 
and > investigates a politically sensitive case while protecting a dear friend 
> from unjust persecution.> > > > 44. Sixpence in Her Shoe, by Phyllis 
McGinley, hardcover, 280 pages. About > the American housewife, 
semiautobiographical. Into the hands of a woman, > life has dropped its most 
significant duties.> > > > 45. Tennessee: Cry of the Heart by Dotson Rader 
hardcover, 348 pages. Friend > of Tennessee Williams writes memoir of the 
playwright's final years. > Includes hundreds of anecdotes, some feature famous 
people like Marlon > Brando, Norman Mailer, Castro and Elizabeth Taylor.> > > > 
46. Dragons and Dragon Lore, by Ernest Ingerson, trade paperback, 203 pages. > 
Fascinating information about the oldest mythological story in the world. > 
Similar stories exist world wide of this elusive, powerful creature. China, > 
Korea, India and Japan, Babylonian, Egyptian, Welsh, Irish, English and > other 
tales.> > > > 47. The Big Picture, by Douglas Kennedy, hardcover, excellent 
condition. 374 > pages. Ben has a beautiful family, house and job at a 
prestegious law firm; > but he's deeply unhappy. He'd rather be a photographer, 
and his wife doesn't > like him anymore. When he confronts her lover, his life 
changes in a split > second.> > > > 48. Let the Hurricane Roar, by Rose Wilder 
Lane, paperback, wide margins, > 120 pages, ages 10 and up. Newlyweds, Molly 
and David, are only 16 and 18 > when they go west. A baby is born, David goes 
east to work and Molly is left > alone for the hard prairie winter.> > > > 49. 
The Love-Powered Diet: When Will Power Is Not Enough, by Victoria Moran, > 
hardcover, 309 pages. Includes menus, about 30 recipes, a short index and > 
bibliography.> > > > 50. For Yourself, The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality, by 
Lonnie Barbach, > Ph.D., trade paperback, 238 pages. A guide to achieving 
orgasms, should be > read by women and their partners.> > > > 51. A Case of 
Curiosities, by Allen Kurzweil, like new hardcover, 358 pages. > Curiosities 
found in Paris after two centuries trace adventures of a young > man destined 
to be France's most gifted inventor, begins when Claude is ten > years old.> > 
> > 52. Buy Back the Dawn, by Nicholas Garland, hardcover, 248 pages. Romance, 
> no dust jacket.> > > > 53.Leap of Faith Memoirs of an unexpected Life by 
Queen Noor, like new > hardcover 466 pages, Accepted to the first female 
freshman class at > Princeton where she earned degrees in architecture and city 
planning, in > 1974, Blonde Lisa Halaby met King Husein two years later and 
became Queen of > Jordan.> > > > To unsubscribe from this list send a blank 
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