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Not sure about Puppet Masters or Red Planet.  Stranger, I did read, and it was 
expanded some, no real tonal changes.

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  Good heavens.  I never knew that.  You mean the story lines were altered?

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  >Be sure to include some kind of version information.  A few of his titles, 
  >Puppet Masters, Red Planet, Stranger in a Strange Land are three, came out 
  >after his death in substantially different editions.
  >People may need to read specific versions at different times, or may want 
  >to investigate ones different from those with which they were familiar.
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  >Hi all,
  >I found 3 Heinlein books in my father's collection, that aren't on 
  >Bookshare yet, so I will quick read them myself, then scan, OCR and submit 
  >them.  They are: The Menace from Earth, Rocket Ship Galileo, and A 
  >Heinlein Trio (the 3 novellas being The Puppet Masters, Double Star and 
  >The Door into Summer).
  >Enjoy!  Carrie
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