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  • From: Carrie Karnos <ckarnos@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 14:28:21 -0700 (PDT)

I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip!  I just grabbed the books you mentioned 
and took a look.
My copy of Red Planet says 'The entire, uncut novel' on the front cover.  Is 
the one on Bookshare the original one or an abridged version?  If it's 
abridged, I can submit my paperback copy, which has 196 pages.
My copy of Stranger in a Strange Land says 'For the first time, the original, 
uncut' above the title.  Again, if the Bookshare copy is abridged, I'll submit 
this hardbound copy, which has 491 pages.
My copy of the trio of stories has 6 copyrights all in the 1950s, so I would 
guess they are the original stories.
Since I'm sighted, I can't look at the Bookshare copies.  If someone could let 
me know if the copies of Red Planet and Stranger in a Strange Land are abridged 
or not, I'll submit the uncut versions or not.
Thanks!  Carrie

Gary Petraccaro <garyp130@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Be sure to include some kind of version information.  A few of his titles, 
Puppet Masters, Red Planet, Stranger in a Strange Land are three, came out 
after his death in substantially different editions.
People may need to read specific versions at different times, or may want to 
investigate ones different from those with which they were familiar.
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Hi all,
I found 3 Heinlein books in my father's collection, that aren't on Bookshare 
yet, so I will quick read them myself, then scan, OCR and submit them.  They 
are: The Menace from Earth, Rocket Ship Galileo, and A Heinlein Trio (the 3 
novellas being The Puppet Masters, Double Star and The Door into Summer).
Enjoy!  Carrie

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