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What Mayrie requests would be an outstanding service to the list - and fill a 
frightful gap in my knowledge!

Thank you


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Hi Chela,

If you can use Google Docs, please, would you be willing to write up clear, and 
detailed instructions for accessing them using JAWS, please?  Everyone I've 
talked to who has tried to access that service has been unsuccessful.  Lots of 
people would really appreciate it if you would tell us how you have navigated 
and accessed them!


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Scott count me in I can use Google Docs as well.
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I would love to help!  I can use the Google docs.



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Since the start of 2011 you have seen a number of short projects involving 
lists in Excel, Google docs, or tab-delimited files. These resulted in 
strategic additions to the collection. Like earlier projects where gaps in 
series were  targeted these projects target gaps in themes and often start the 
formation of Special Collections.

I wanted to tell you some of what you have accomplished since these projects 
involve many people working simultaneously on isolated pieces of the process 
and the end result is slower to appear than when doing scanning and proofing. I 
also want to announce new projects to those who are interested.

You have created your own unique list of Bookshare Volunteer "Best Reads."
You have prepared the list of BBC and Norwegian Book Club's list of most 
important books
You prepared a list of 200 books that have been recommended to graduating 
seniors to read the summer before college. (Right, I thought it was only my 
university that wanted us to read 200 books in one summer.)
You prepared a list of nearly 300 books that have been recognized as classical 
literature of the world.
You have begun the list of every book written by a Nobel Literary Prize author.

In each case we now have the foundations for listing a Special Collection using 
the URLs of the books in the Bookshare collection. Dozens of books are now on 
order to fill in what we were lacking. What you have done also provides new 
arguments for the value of Bookshare when staff approaches publishers, parents, 
universities, elementary schools, and funders. Thank you!

In this next set of projects you are directly helping Carrie Karnos fulfill a 
long-delayed desire to measure our collection against various book awards. Once 
again the process involves recording what we already have in Excellent or PQ 
quality and researching who publishes what we are missing.

We need volunteers to research 2,000 books. These are the top books in four 
categories as determined by AwardAnnals.com<http://AwardAnnals.com>. The 
Categories are Young Adult, Nonfiction, History, and Biography.

We learned last time that there is no single format that works for all 
volunteers so we will be flexible in a way that allows the largest number 
possible to contribute. Using the Google doc format is preferable for all those 
it is accessible to because it gives realtime feedback on just what remains to 
be done.

Write to me if you want to tackle part of this project. Be sure to let me know 
which format you need and specify a number of books you want to take on if you 
are not using the Google doc format.

Scott Rains
Benetech Fellow


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