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Religious romance sounds good.

"To me, music that breaks your heart is the music that stays with you forever. 
It's one thing to be melancholy and one thing to be sophisticated, but when you 
get the two of them together in a way people can relate to, then I think you're 
on to something. You want the sophistication to lie in the purity of the sound, 
the beauty of the arrangements, and the quality of the performances."-Trumpeter 
Chris Botti---- 
Chela Robles
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  Hi gang,

  Question 1. Could you please send me the names of the authors in the 
collection whose books are missing series information? I just realized that the 
Kay Hooper books are missing their series information. Who else is there?

  Question 2: This is for those people who read romance novels. There's a 
volunteer who loves romances, and she asked me which types of romances the 
Bookshare members prefer. My opinion is that she should scan the books that she 
wants to read, but since she asked me, I'm asking you. Is there a particular 
genre of romance novel that you prefer? Or several? Here are some possible 
romantic genres. Feel free to add others if you like.
  Contemporary romance
  Gothic romance
  Harlequins and Silhouettes
  Historical romance
  NASCAR romance
  Paranormal romance
  Regency romance
  Religious romance
  Romantic intrigue/suspense
  Teen romance
  Vampire romance
  Western romance

  Thanks for your help with both of these questions!


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