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Hi volunteers,

I just uploaded two books that have been very carefully read through, spell 
checked, the works. 

1. The Mystery at Bob-White Cave (Trixie Belden #11)
Trixie and her friends can't wait to go exploring the caves of the Ozark 
mountains, but Trixie has a scheme up her sleeve - to find the mysterious 
"ghost fish" and claim a $500 reward for one of the Bob-Whites' projects. 
A very easy validation. Any blank pages are pictures.

2. The Apocraphya by Gilly Sergiev
A short introduction to the history of magic, it's uses, tools and specifically 
magical protection. Less than 100 pages. Has been mostly read through. This 
book is a classic and must-read for any spiritual person - weather you believe 
in magic or not.

I have a whole pile of books I've scanned but not edited. The scans all come 
out with above a 99 percent raiding on k1k. So, if you want a list of these i 
can post it here or send privately. I'm willing to submit unedited any of the 
almost 20 books on the list if someone's willing to edit. Mostly the list has 
mysteries and some spirituality related books.

Happy validating!

Natasha and Guide Dog Fossey

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"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough 
people to make it worthwhile."
~Herm Albright,, writer

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