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  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 11:17:25 -0800

> Most Americans respond to only those issues that directly
> affect them.  I'd like to see someone point out the fact
> that the United States has a Trade Relocation Act (TRA)
> which essentially provides federal unemployment.  This has
> been in effect for decades because my husband collected TRA
> in 1975.
> Any person who believes they lost their job because of
> off-shoring or foreign competition can apply for TRA if
> they get 2 others from their particular company to apply at
> the same time.  If a company acknowledges that they are
> off-shoring, they can apply to the government directly &
> save their employees this step.  The Feds review the
> applications & make a determination.
> If the Feds agree, the result is that those folks who lose
> their jobs collect "federal unemployment" including
> relocation & re-training assistance where necessary - this
> is a much higher amount per week than the regular state
> unemployment we all qualify for.  All at taxpayer expense.
> It would be nice to have the Dem candidates point out that
> Bush & Co's push for outsourcing is costing the average
> American taxpayer a bundle, not only through corporate
> welfare, but through the TRA.

Today's SF Chronicle carries a story from the Washington Post about
how the Bush administration is applying Trade Adjustment Assistance:

Bush is denying benefits to us service workers.

A dozen software workers who were denied benefits because they aren't
in manufacturing have sued in the Court of International Trade in New
York to force Bush's Dept of Labor to extend them the benefits.

Congressional Democrats argue that the administration has the
discretion to expand coverage of the assistance program to service
workers, and they have been fighting with the White House and
Congressional Republicans over it. Now that Bush has a viable
challenger in Kerry, he has changed his rhetoric about offshoring but
no real changes have been made yet.

= Mike Bradley
  Offshored this month (but I found another contract, thank goodness)

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