[biztech-discussion] trade issues/offshoring

  • From: "tkdunyak" <tkdunyak@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 14:31:23 -0500

I certainly agree that Clinton's signing of NAFTA was a big mistake, however 
here in NJ, the MIS & tech writing jobs are being outsourced to India & Asia.  
The Intel corporate website, for example, lists several hundred job openings in 
Malaysia - NAFTA only deals with Mexico & Canada.
I do not subscribe to the NY Times & have been unable to read several of the 
blog articles referred to on the Biz-Tech website, however I've been "reading" 
elsewhere & am fairly up-to-date, I think.  

I also would like to see Jim Jontz lobby Congress on this issue.  There are 
serious Homeland Security issues in offshoring sensitive financial & tech 
information.  In his C-SPAN appearance, Tom Kean said his 9/11 Commission is 
reviewing this aspect & there may be something useful to be gotten from their 

Kerry's comments on future trade agreements containing environmental clauses & 
"3 months notice" to employees whose jobs are to be outsourced may be a start, 
but I don't believe they go far enough. 

Most Americans respond to only those issues that directly affect them.  I'd 
like to see someone point out the fact that the United States has a Trade 
Relocation Act (TRA) which essentially provides federal unemployment.  This has 
been in effect for decades because my husband collected TRA in 1975.  

Any person who believes they lost their job because of off-shoring or foreign 
competition can apply for TRA if they get 2 others from their particular 
company to apply at the same time.  If a company acknowledges that they are 
off-shoring, they can apply to the government directly & save their employees 
this step.  The Feds review the applications & make a determination.  

If the Feds agree, the result is that those folks who lose their jobs collect 
"federal unemployment" including relocation & re-training assistance where 
necessary - this is a much higher amount per week than the regular state 
unemployment we all qualify for.  All at taxpayer expense.

It would be nice to have the Dem candidates point out that Bush & Co's push for 
outsourcing is costing the average American taxpayer a bundle, not only through 
corporate welfare, but through the TRA.  

I would also like them to point out that most of the mega-corporations that are 
off-shoring at such an amazing rate are reaping huge tax benefits from the Bush 
tax cuts, as well as playing games with Cayman Islands offices (to avoid 
further taxes) and illegal tax-shelters (see Frontline's "Tax Me If You Can").  

Their whining about profit margins and fiscal responsibility is most definitely 


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