[biztech-discussion] job losses in high tech

  • From: Al Weinrub <Allen.Weinrub@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 21:22:01 -0700

This message sent me by Ann Hoffman in DC.

Al - I wanted to be sure you saw this item from the AFL-CIO Work in 
Progress today, that may relate to the problems NWU tech writers are having:
HIGH-TECH BUST--A new report shows that U.S. high-tech workers
still face chronic unemployment and a serious jobs deficit
despite an economic recovery. "America's High-Tech Bust," a
report by the Center for Urban Economic Development at the
University of Illinois, Chicago, found the U.S. high-tech
economy lost a whopping 203,000 jobs between November 2001, when
the recession officially ended, and April 2004. The university
conducted the research for the Washington Alliance of Technology
Workers, a local of the Communications Workers of America.
Ann F. Hoffman

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