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  • Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 16:52:57 -0400

Here, here, Ann! I agree with everything you said. Ann, Andreas and I worked on 
this issue a year ago, as many of you know. Several BizTech members devoted a 
LOT of time to this issue, to meetings and research adn writing. Don't forget, 
we also have the blog created by Andreas and maintained mostly by me...you can 
see when it started, what reactions we got, and how the news has changed over 
the last year, with interest accelerating from specialized thinktanks and media 
to mass media.

So, now that Kenya Briggs is available to devote part of her salaried time to 
this issue, and Al Weinrub is voicing support for the issue from a seat of 
power, I hope to see things like delegations of local CA NWU members going to 
Sacramento to discuss offshoring with the governor (and presenting concrete 
proposals), others forming similar delegations in their own states and 
presenting proposals to local players, coalitions formed with NWU, CWA and 
WASHTECH, etc. - yes, CWA has been AT THE HELM on the offshoring issue for over 
a year, as has WASHTECH (see their website).

As ann said, there's a lot going on throughout the country now on the issue due 
to the elections and the fact that word did get out (I like to think we in 
BizTech helped!), and although we were on it during its nascent stages, now we 
risk looking like tagalongs if we don't organize quickly.

There's a lot to be done. We need leadership and staff and volunteer time to 
get it done.


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