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PW Newsline: August 30, 2004
XLibris Says Farewell to American Workers, But Mabuhay To Complaints

As a number of XLibris jobs have left for overseas, a number of complaints 
are staying home. The company confirms anecdotal reports making the rounds 
that the Philly POD firm has not been as responsive to authors over the 
last few weeks. But it says any problems should now be ironed out.

Earlier in the month, the company laid off 35 customer service workers and 
hired employees to do their jobs in the Philippines. The move has led to 
what some authors say has been an eerie silence; one who has published 
several books with the company says that he has not received word on pub 
date despite returning a galley with just one correction several months 
ago. "My author representative has changed several times and lately I get 
no response to either phone messages left or emails," he wrote last week.

CEO John Feldcamp said the move allowed the company, partially owned by 
Random House, to double its number of employees. It was, he said, worth the 
small price of some snags, which he says were short-lived. "[It's] a new 
team of people in new jobs. There's a million new details and then you have 
to fix the problems. It's not surprising that some authors were not happy 
with the process, but the problems should be corrected now."--Calvin Reid

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