[biztech-discussion] Re: Some interesting articles from the other side

  • From: "Mike Bradley" <mbradley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 11:39:46 -0700

> The general American economic trend of the last 40 years
> has been a slow decline of
> manufacturing and the conversion of the economy into
> low-pay service jobs. America will not
> be standing tall again on manufacturing jobs anytime soon,
> because the US will not regress
> back to a manufacturing economy, just as it will not
> regress into an agrarian economy.
> The neocons ignore all this. They are trying to score
> points, to provide arguments for their
> owners. Yes, their owners. The neocon economics professors
> are paid and hosted by corps. The
> Hoover Institute is at Stanford, and it is sponsored by
> corporations. That's why they don't
> have to be right. They just have to muddy up the issues.

I think the core of all this is that there are no large US
corporations any more. They became transnational corporations, and
nations, national borders,  national interests, and so on, are
irrelevant to them. And since they dominate our politics, esp. in
D.C., national interests are increasingly irrelevant to our political

= Mike Bradley

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