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  • Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 00:17:12 -0700

Hi--Roberta Wilson here. I'm new to the list and on the Washtech Planning
Council, which has pushed the offshoring issue.

Here's our latest:

Microsoft's Exporting U.S. Tech Jobs CNN Focus
Seattle-- Tonight, Lou Dobbs will focus on Microsoft exporting U.S. based
technology jobs in his series Exporting America.

This week WashTech broke the story that Microsft has been exporting
high-level development jobs to India starting in 2001, when the company
signed two master contract agreements with Infosys and Satyam.  On
Wednesday, The New York Times, Seattle Times, and the Seattle PI featured
this story in front page coverage in the business section.

As part of the coverage, Lou Dobbs will do a live interview with WashTech
President and Organizer Marcus Courtney.

The show airs 6:00 PM EST with the segment airing around 6:30 PM.

To learn more see the WashTech News and Microsoft visit:


To see a list of U.S companies exporting white collar jobs visit:


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