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  • From: Rob Ramer <RobRamer@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 18:46:32 -0500

OK, here's a good one.  According to experts anti-offshoring campaign has 
one year to accomplish something.
Gartner: Backlash Against Offshoring To Vanish By 2006
The backlash against IT offshoring that's based on concerns about job 
losses is misguided, says Gartner analyst Craig Baty.


My first response was to scoff at this and I'm still not sure about his 
time table and certainly not his conclusion about job losses.  Still he is 
probably right that the issue will fade from public view.  So this is our 
chance to try to get some kind of changes made.

Offshore Outsourcing: Regulations--What to Worry About
If voting for laws that restrict offshoring helps politicians win 
elections, overwhelmingly they will do so. However, as is often the case in 
politics, many of those votes are more about posturing. What's a CIO to do? 
A lot of them are scrambling to meet the demands of current and pending 
legislation. Here's what's real, what's not and how to cope. 

1. Legislation: What Will Pass, What Won't
What are the odds of some of the recent proposed legislation
on offshoring actually turning into law? Use our six
questions to help you predict what passes and what fails. 

2. From the Editor: My Lunch with the Elephant
At CIO luncheons, Editor Rick Pastore finds that somehow the conversation 
always comes around to that awkward topic: outsourcing. 

3. Outsourcing: IBM Offshoring Sparks Protests
About two dozen picketers, current and former IBM workers raising signs 
that read "America's future is not offshore" and "Offshore CEO Sam 
Palmisano," alerted shareholders attending the company's annual meeting 
April 27 that offshore outsourcing would be on the table. 

4. Washington Watch: RFID Laws on Deck
This year provides the last chance for privacy advocates to
set limits for how RFID can be used before it hits the mainstream, when 
regulating it will become more difficult. 

** To read the entire June 15 issue of CIO online, go to: 

5. Sound off: Is H-1B Work a Bad Business Deal?
H1-B visas, which allow foreign workers with special hard-to-find skills to 
work in the United States, have been a political hot potato for years. Is 
it true H1-B workers really possess skills that can't be found in U.S. 
workers? Or are the wages paid to H1-B workers, even with outrageous 
markups, even with the political heat, worth every penny? 

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