[biztech-discussion] Safire to End Op-ed Column, but not, sigh, his language one

  • From: Emily Berk <emily@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 14:16:28 -0800

This is a tribute to the power of the word.  In my opinion, Safire's political 
column was lame.  

It is his control over the vocabulary in which political events are discussed 
is what's made him SO dangerous.  

Here is a "language maven" who failed to discuss what the definition of 
"sovereignty", "big government", "conservative", "flip-flop", etc. etc. etc., 
were when simultaneously claiming to be an expert on political discourse in our 
nation.  Safire is one of the architects of the 1984-ing of the US press.  

It is a loss to us all that Safire is being kept on as "language maven".

Lies are truth.  War is peace.  Love is hate.  Iraq is Iran.  Iraq is terror.  
Bad is good.  Unity is diversity.  Diversity is unity. Heil.

-- Emily

"William Safire, whose political commentary column has appeared on the Op-Ed 
Page of The New York Times for more than 30 years, is stepping down, The Times 
said today.


Mr. Safire, 74, will continue to write his Sunday column, "On Language," which 
has appeared in The New York Times Magazine since 1979 and has led to the 
publication of 15 books on the English language.


"After more than three decades of opinionated reporting on the world's first 
and foremost political battle page, it's time to hang up my hatchet," Mr. 
Safire said in the statement. "The Times said at the start of this run that it 
wanted 'another point of view,' which was what it surely got, and its editors 
did not wince nor cry aloud. In my more scholarly persona, I couldn't resist 
continuing as Sunday language maven, so although Mr. Hyde will close up shop, 
Dr. Jekyll will carry on." "


Emily Berk

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