[biztech-discussion] Re: SF Supervisor Proposes Ban on Offshoring for City Contractors

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  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 14:22:14 -0800 (PST)

Following this logic then the financing cities give corporations to relocate or 
build, called tax-increment financing, or TIF, could be conditioned on a 
variety of labor issues, such as manufacturing of constuction materials to 
promises and indemnification for keeping jobs onshore.    

Michael S. Box

--- "Tom Wetzel" <tlwetzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here is an example of a tactic we might use to fight
offshoring. Jake McGoldrick, the city Supervisor
who is proposing this ban, is also president of the
adjunct faculty union at University of San Francisco.

The full article is at:


Made in America: Supervisor Jake McGoldrick offered
legislation this week that would reward companies
that want to do business with the city if they promise
to use workers based in the United States -- and don't
"outsource'' their jobs overseas. His proposal would
give such companies preferences in bidding for city

His plan also would require that all city contractors
publicly report where their workers are located,
including those employed by subcontractors. And the
companies also would be prohibited from sending
private information entrusted to the city, such as
medical records and financial information, to
operations on foreign soil.

"It is unconscionable that American companies have
continued to move more and more U.S. jobs
overseas, with the result that shareholders profit at
the expense of American workers,'' McGoldrick said.
"This legislation will help ensure that no city money
will be used to encourage this harmful trend.''

If his proposal becomes law, it would not be the first
time City Hall used the lure of lucrative city business
to try to change corporate behavior. The Equal
Benefits Ordinance requires contractors to provide
their workers in domestic partnerships the same
benefits as their married workers get.

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