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  • Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 10:40:14 -0500

I am not a journalist. What does it mean to "withold bylines and credits"? 
It sounds more like something the publishers would do. Please clarify!
Amy Rose

At 01:52 AM 1/17/2005, you wrote:
>Reuters' U.S. Journalists Withhold Bylines, Credits to Protest
>Offshoring, Demands for Concessions
>    NEW YORK, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. journalists of Reuters
>    Group Plc (Nasdaq: RTRSY; LSE: RTR), working without a
>    contract for nearly two years, are holding a one-day byline
>    strike on Thursday to protest company managers' demands for
>    economic concessions in current contract talks as well as
>    their moves to export editorial jobs to low-wage countries.
>    The job action by more than 350 editorial employees --
>    members of the Newspaper Guild of New York -- to withhold
>    bylines and credits from their work, came as executives at
>    the company's London headquarters were scheduled to announce
>    "guidance" about the company's first-quarter financial
>    performance.
>    "Our members provide the quality and reliability that the
>    world has come to expect from Reuters," said New York Guild
>    President Barry Lipton. "They are angry at their bosses'
>    disregard for quality as they slash the company's budget,
>    experiment with remote control journalism and refuse to offer
>    workers a fair and decent contract."
>    Reuters became the first major news organization to try to
>    cover Wall Street from India last year when editorial
>    managers started replacing their highly skilled work force in
>    United States and London with cheaper, far less experienced
>    journalists in Bangalore.
>    Reuters CEO Tom Glocer, whose "Fast Forward" cost-cutting
>    program with a goal of cutting 3,000 jobs is in the third and
>    final year, has said the company's Bangalore center
>    eventually will employ 1200 to 1500 workers. The Guild has
>    been told that at least 50 of those jobs will be editorial.
>    Reuters is also proposing to consolidate its London and
>    Washington pictures editing desks in Singapore, where wages
>    are also lower.
>    Members of the Canadian Media Guild, a sister local of the
>    New York Guild which represents journalists at Reuters
>    Canada, have said that they too would withhold bylines on
>    Thursday in solidarity with U.S. Guild members. Leaders of
>    the National Union of Journalists at Reuters in London
>    expressed their "deepest support" for the U.S. action.
>    The Guild, Local 31003 of the Communications Workers of
>    America, represents nearly 500 print, television and still
>    picture journalists, technicians and other employees at
>    Reuters America LLC, the company's main U.S. operating
>    subsidiary.
>SOURCE Newspaper Guild of New York
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>Business Media company.

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