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Reuters' U.S. Journalists Withhold Bylines, Credits to Protest
Offshoring, Demands for Concessions

   NEW YORK, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. journalists of Reuters
   Group Plc (Nasdaq: RTRSY; LSE: RTR), working without a
   contract for nearly two years, are holding a one-day byline
   strike on Thursday to protest company managers' demands for
   economic concessions in current contract talks as well as
   their moves to export editorial jobs to low-wage countries.

   The job action by more than 350 editorial employees --
   members of the Newspaper Guild of New York -- to withhold
   bylines and credits from their work, came as executives at
   the company's London headquarters were scheduled to announce
   "guidance" about the company's first-quarter financial

   "Our members provide the quality and reliability that the
   world has come to expect from Reuters," said New York Guild
   President Barry Lipton. "They are angry at their bosses'
   disregard for quality as they slash the company's budget,
   experiment with remote control journalism and refuse to offer
   workers a fair and decent contract."

   Reuters became the first major news organization to try to
   cover Wall Street from India last year when editorial
   managers started replacing their highly skilled work force in
   United States and London with cheaper, far less experienced
   journalists in Bangalore.

   Reuters CEO Tom Glocer, whose "Fast Forward" cost-cutting
   program with a goal of cutting 3,000 jobs is in the third and
   final year, has said the company's Bangalore center
   eventually will employ 1200 to 1500 workers. The Guild has
   been told that at least 50 of those jobs will be editorial.
   Reuters is also proposing to consolidate its London and
   Washington pictures editing desks in Singapore, where wages
   are also lower.

   Members of the Canadian Media Guild, a sister local of the
   New York Guild which represents journalists at Reuters
   Canada, have said that they too would withhold bylines on
   Thursday in solidarity with U.S. Guild members. Leaders of
   the National Union of Journalists at Reuters in London
   expressed their "deepest support" for the U.S. action.

   The Guild, Local 31003 of the Communications Workers of
   America, represents nearly 500 print, television and still
   picture journalists, technicians and other employees at
   Reuters America LLC, the company's main U.S. operating

SOURCE Newspaper Guild of New York

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