[biztech-discussion] Reality check

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  • Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 21:45:47 EDT

As Andreas has suggested recently, let's all read the article in this week's 
New Yorker by Katherine Boo on outsourcing in India. I'm half way through it. 
If nothing else, it gives one a reality check on just how difficult is will be 
to make any serious dent on the offshoring trend, as the small, penniless 
union we appear to be as I write. The forces of economics, globalization, 
politics, greed, et al have a very long head start, going back to the mid 90's, 
seems. The really creepy part, is that all the anti-offshoring chatter has 
actually helped those who are workin it. (Geez, did I sound negative? Believe 
I'm only a realist.)

    The Best Job in Town
What an American firm is offering.

by Katherine Boo

(Apparently not available online. Yet.)


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