[biztech-discussion] Prioritiization - Privacy

  • From: Rob Ramer <RobRamer@xxxxxx>
  • To: biztech-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 23:59:04 -0500

Bruce & Al have both had very positive points on this issue.
  Bruce has touched on a critical issue regarding offshoring and national 
security, but given the fact that we are the NWU (with all the positives 
and negatives that embodies) I think it would be much easier to unite 
around the issue of privacy than national security.  In essence the 
security issues are the same but we can unite people all across the 
spectrum on privacy (libertarians to liberals to lefties) whereas we will 
debate forever on national security.

So I'd suggest we coalesce around Bruce's  first two questions and develop 
a program to put the candidates on the defensive but focus it on 
privacy.  (I've copied his suggested questions below.)

Bruce's points about the ideology of globalization are valid, whether you 
go along or would want to debate the economics of World Bank style 
globalization.  The point, as a 19th Century philosopher said, is not to 
understand the world but to change it.  We need to come up with a specific 
plan to start some action on the issue of offshoring of writing jobs.  So I 
suggest we go with Bruce's suggestion and at least come up with an 
educational campaign regarding the elections.

Tactically, in addition to the internal problem of agreeing on working on 
any agenda which may align with the US intelligence military apparati 
(sp?), we should avoid the military issue because the government is so 
split on ideological grounds (free market supremacy vs. protecting US 
national interests  (See how pathetic the GAO recommendations are in "
1. Defense Acquisitions: Knowledge of Software Suppliers Needed to Manage 
Risks. GAO-04-678, May 25. 

Rob Ramer

Bruce Hartford's first two questions:
(leaving off the third, defense/intelligence related issue)
1. Will you enact legislation requiring that all research,
development, and administration of critical national infrastructure
such as the power grid and banking/financial networks be done inside
the United States?

2. Will you enact legislation prohibiting the dissemination of
individual personal medical and financial data outside of the
jurisdiction of American privacy and data protection laws?

Once we settle on a set of questions, we mobilize our membership to
present them to local candidates in their areas while the national
leadership presents them to the presidential candidates. If possible,
we get other organizations to join us in this effort We then use the
web and methods to publicize where candidates stand.

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