[biztech-discussion] Re: Organizational Ally

  • From: "Samantha Clark" <sclark.abq@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <biztech-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 10:05:33 -0600

Sarah made a great find. Below is the email I just sent to our At-Large
activists and other contacts I have in NWU. The link came from the Public
Citizen website.

I've been working on the NWU Offshoring campaign. Below is a useful link to
find out what bills are pending in your state legislature in regard to
stopping the offshoring of American jobs. If your state isn't listed, then
it probably lacks any bills. NWU is working on a campaign to survey and
publicize where candidates stand on offshoring in the upcoming elections.
We've also started coalition building with like-minded groups.


2004 Legislation Regulating or Prohibiting Non-U.S. Citizens from State


>   Folks,
> Sarah Forth, a union member and former West Coast Regional VP, sent me a
> pointer to Global Tradewatch, a project of Public Citizen. They have
> resources on offshoring that we can use:
> http://www.citizen.org/trade/offshoring/
> Note, in the paragraphs quoted below, that the "policies" and
> legislative approach they take is very similar to the one we are
> planning to organize around. This might make them good organizational
> ally...

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