[biztech-discussion] Organizational Ally

  • From: Al Weinrub <Allen.Weinrub@xxxxxxx>
  • To: biztech-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 15:38:10 -0700


Sarah Forth, a union member and former West Coast Regional VP, sent me a 
pointer to Global Tradewatch, a project of Public Citizen. They have 
resources on offshoring that we can use:


Note, in the paragraphs quoted below, that the "policies" and 
legislative approach they take is very similar to the one we are 
planning to organize around. This might make them good organizational 


    Widespread public concern over the growing offshoring of a range of
    back-office, technological and other professional occupations has
    made this a very hot political issue in the 2004 election.
    Increasingly, policy makers and economists are coming to realize
    that something dramatic has occurred  that cannot be explained by
    prevailing economic theories and models. The Dow Jones Industrial
    Average has topped 10,000 yet people are still not finding jobs and
    many have stopped trying.

    Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch's April 15 report, "Addressing
    the Regulatory Vacuum: Policy Considerations Regarding Public and
    Private Sector Service Job Offshoring,"
    <http://www.citizen.org/documents/OffshoringReport.pdf>  proposes
    two distinct sets of policies that Congress and state legislatures
    should consider in response to this latest wave of offshoring. The
    first set of policy options are required to ensure that identity
    theft, financial fraud, irreversible exposure of sensitive personal
    medical and financial information, and domestic infrastructure
    sabotage threats do not increase with the move to shift professional
    and service sector work overseas to lower-wage countries.

    The second set of policies is aimed at protecting the right of state
    and federal government to invest taxpayer dollars back into the
    domestic economy. To date, Congress and over 30 states are
    considering policies that would prevent service work paid for with
    state and federal tax dollars from being sent overseas.


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