[biztech-discussion] Oppose Offshoring: Moving Forward #6

  • From: Al Weinrub <Allen.Weinrub@xxxxxxx>
  • To: biztech-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 21:12:09 -0700

My apologies for not updating you all on the many developments moving 
NWU opposition to offshoring forward. In fact, so much has happened, and 
we've been so swamped, that writing to this list has ended up on the 
back burner. My apologies.

1. The National Executive Board approved our anti-offshoring plan, with 
a lot of enthusiam, posted at:


2. A campaign coordinating committee of Bruce Hartford, Nancy Mulvany, 
Kenya Briggs, and myself , with editing assistance from Lisa Carlson, 
have completed the campaign background papers and position papers. They 
should be on a website soon (see #3).

3. A new Oppose Offshoring website is being developed by Chris Berg and 
will be maintained by Emily Berk, both of the San Francisco Bay Area 
chapter. We hope to have the site up and running in a week.

4. A special email was sent to California NWU members (last week in 
September) urging them to write our illustrious Hollywood governor to 
support four anti-offshoring bills that has been passed by the 
legislature. That email message is pasted in below. The gov vetoed them 
all anyway. We worked with the CA Labor Federation and WashTech on this 
last minute effort.

5. We have prepared a survey to send to candidates in several hotly 
contested Congressional races with the idea of publishing the results on 
the new website and sending out a few press releases announcing the 
survey results. We need someone to help write the press release. Please 
volunteer if you can help. Write kbriggs@xxxxxxx

6. We are hoping to help with initiatives in the At Large and Bay Area 
chapters. More on that later.

Al Weinrub

California NWU Members

We urge you to immediately contact Governor Schwarzenegger and press him 
to sign the following 4 anti-offshoring bills that have been passed by 
the legislature:

* AB1829: Government Offshoring. Prohibits state agencies from 
offshoring government work, or using contractors who offshore work paid 
for by the state.

* SB1492: Confidential Information. Prohibits sending personal medical 
information outside the U.S.

* AB3021: Offshoring Reports. Require all employers with more than 250 
employees to publicly report information regarding offshore work.

* SB888: Homeland Security. Prohibits national and homeland security 
work from being performed outside the U.S.

For the complete text and history of these bills, go to:

http://www.legislature.ca.gov <http://www.legislature.ca.gov/>, and 
search by the bill number.

There are a number of ways to contact Governor Schwarzenegger:
     Web: http://www.govmail.ca.gov <http://www.govmail.ca.gov/>
     Email: governor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     Phone: 916-445-2841
     Fax: 916-445-4633

You do not have to write a complicated message (though you can if you 
wish). Your message can be as simple as: "Please sign AB1829, AB3021, 
SB1492, and SB88."


This Fall the NWU in cooperation with many other unions will be taking 
up the fight against outsourcing of our work to foreign countries. This 
offshoring of high-tech and professional work is
having a big impact on many writers and on the communities in which we live.

We are still in the process of setting up the campaign website, 
researching the issues, preparing materials, building a campaign 
committee, and so forth. But these crucial bills are on the
Governors desk right now, so we are jumping the gun a bit and asking you 
to take action on this before all of our supporting materials and 
campaign organization are in place.

The California Labor Federation and other unions such as the Washington 
Alliance of Technology Workers have worked on these bills and called on 
the governor to sign them.

If you are interested in working on the anti-offshoring campaign, 
contact NWU Organizer Kenya Briggs at:

In solidarity,
Al Weinrub
Vice President
National Writers Union

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