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Hello Al.

Very nice summation of crucial issues. I offer the following from 
personal experience, mostly from the H-1B influx that preceded 

1. Hardly anybody is publicly questioning where all the "saved" money 
is going. Investors seem to have the happy hope that it will end up in 
their pockets as dividends, but I don't know anybody who has benefited 
except the highest levels of management. Making the correlation between 
management salary and stock option abuses, political corruption, and 
U.S. unemployment/underemployment with corporate management practices 
(including offshoring) would take some  research, but I believe it's 
there - not coincidence.

2. Not only is the quality of lifestyle deteriorating, the intellectual 
quality of work is deteriorating also. The jobs get dumber and dumber. 
Also, there is a significant increase in the number of technical 
writing jobs out there (I've had my share) that pay well to clean up 
the messes made by ESL employees or machine-translated text. I just 
edited an installation manual for a security camera where the 
word "device" was referred to as a "cell phone" throughout. Dumbing 
down to current professional standards is boring, boring, boring...

3. One of the primary qualifications for the H-1B's I worked with 
seemed to be docility. This perversion of the "management mystique" led 
to huge cost overruns on the project we were on, because the 
engineering principle of "questioning the assumptions" went away, and 
managers lacked the technical expertise to make good decisions. Not 
only was this non-competitive in a technical sense, it wasted many $$$ 
and probably contributed to the demise of a large telecommunications 

4. What happened to the H-1B's who were stranded here when the dot com 
boom ended? 

I've been in this crazy business for many years, and I think it will 
sort itself out over quality. But not before many lives are ruined by 
the process.

Margherite Williams

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