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Interesting. To reduce the budget deficit, the state will offshore state jobs, 
yet that
means less payroll taxes to pay for the deficit.


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> OFFSHORING issue heats up Capitol
> Sacramento Bee - Sacramento,CA,USA
> By Clint Swett -- Bee Staff Writer.
> The hot-button issue of offshoring may take center stage in the Capitol
> next month if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoes a bill that would limit
> the practice by state agencies.
> The governor so far has been neutral on the issue of sending jobs to
> low-wage countries, but parties on both sides say recent actions suggest
> Schwarzenegger may be leaning toward offshoring as a way to help trim
> the state budget.
> http://www.sacbee.com/content/politics/story/9871253p-10793505c.html

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