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huh, I know you're just having fun, but even fun can be misconstrued and
give the impression that we actually think this is an Indian problem. It is
happening in India right now, for sure, but corporations will simply move to
even cheaper labor markets as they develop, leaving India in the lerch.
Besides, it can be said that the Indian farmers should be wearing our
agribusiness baseball caps. You see, at the WTO level, many deals are being
made. India gets our high-tech jobs, while Indian farmers are forced to take
our hybrid seeds (which don't reproduce and consequently must be re-bought
every year)--just one step closer to family farm failure, agribusiness take
over, and increased small farmer suicides. There are a few temporary winners
in the economic globalization game, but there are lots and lots and lots of
losers, including in India. A whole bunch of Boeing tech writer jobs, for
example, just went to China. Better rethink that sari....

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> to wear a sari (for the women) and tie a

I have a sari I can bring, and Stephanie can model. She'd look great in it!


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