[biztech-discussion] Moving Forward #5

  • From: Al Weinrub <Allen.Weinrub@xxxxxxx>
  • To: biztech-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 16:43:25 -0700


Thanks to everyone for the interesting postings on this discussion list.

I'm sorry for the delay in updating everyone on how the offshoring 
campaign is moving forward. This will be a brief overview, with separate 
emails to follow about some of the details.

When I last posted a few weeks ago, it was to provide you with a 
tentative campaign plan. Since then there have been a number of advances:

1. Work has proceeded on the position papers that will be part of the 
-- Bruce Hartford is researching and writing up material on governmental 
support for offshoring. If you have info or want to help, contact Bruce 
at <bruceh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
-- Nancy Mulvany is researching and writing up material on personal 
privacy threats of offshoring. If you have info or want to help, contact 
Nancy at <nmulvany@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
-- Margherite Williams is putting together a paper, "Frequently Stated 
Misconceptions," which is meant to counteract the arguments used to 
justify or dismiss offshoring (and persuade our constituency there is 
nothing they can or should do to oppose it). If you have info or want to 
help, contact Margherite at <margh@xxxxxxx>.

2. A coordinating committee, currently consisting of Bruce, Nancy, 
myself, and Kenya Briggs, NWU staffperson, have been meeting to keep 
this process on track and to scope out other tasks needed to launch a 
campaign. We hope to provide you with drafts of the campaign position 
papers in the near future.

3. Based on suggestions on this list, mainly from Bruce, I revised the 
previous campaign plan for discussion at the upcoming meeting of the 
union's National Exeutive Board in early August. The coordinating 
committee looked over the plan before my submittal deadline, but I will 
place it on a website where you all can look at it and provide further 
feedback or commentary.

4. A couple of weeks ago, Kenya and I went to Seattle to meet with 
WashTech to discuss how our two organizations can work together. Kenya 
wrote up a report which we will post here on the list very soon.

5. With Andreas' resignation from BizTech leadership, a number of 
offshoring resources need to be transitioned to new people. For example 
we need some people to step forward who can:
-- help with web-related work, such as helping convert the present 
biztech-offshoring website to a new offshoring campaign website, or to 
help maintain it once the campaign gets underway.
-- manage this biztech-discussion email list (this is a bit technical) 
or to move it to a different host.
-- manage the offshoring blog, especially by updating it with recent 
information (this is not a technical job).

Please write to Kenya at <hotline@xxxxxxx> if you can help in any of 
these ways. Contributions like these  might even be resume enhancing. 
We'll be suggesting other ways you can help in the near future and I 
hope you will be too.

Well that's enough for now. Thanks for your attention and participation.

Al Weinrub (Bay Area)
1st VP NWU

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