[biztech-discussion] Re: IEEE responds to offshoring "study"

  • From: Nancy Mulvany <nmulvany@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 03:57:52 -0800

Thanks for the link to the IEEE perspective on offshoring. My guess is that 
their main concern is with IT jobs. They seem not to be concerned about 
"back office," pre-press publishing production jobs. The following is from 
the website of SPI Publishing Services, headquartered in the Philippines 
with satellite offices in the US, the UK, and the Netherlands.
IEEE produces approximately 100,000 finished typeset pages annually for its 
own journals and journal of its member societies. IEEE copyedits and 
composes pages using internal capabilities. However, it relies on several 
vendors to convert author manuscripts, in a wide variety of formats and 
many with heavy equation content, to SGML plus a considerable amount of 
format tagging. SPI processes about 100 manuscripts per week, all on a fast 
turn basis. IEEE sends input (hardcopy and authors' digital files, on the 
original media supplied by the author) to SPI's Virginia office, where 
hardcopy m/s is scanned and files are removed from the author's media. 
Input is then transmitted to Manila for production.



Nancy Mulvany

>Great response to this "study" authored by MBA-mentality,
>bean-counters-only-need-apply types:
>OFFSHORING Study Misses Important Issues Says IEEE-USA
>U.S. Newswire (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
>WASHINGTON, March 31 /US Newswire/ -- An offshoring study touting
>benefits to the United States on outsourcing high-wage jobs to
>lower-cost countriesfails to ...

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