[biztech-discussion] Re: Frequently Stated Misconceptions

  • From: Bruce Hartford <bruceh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 12:22:21 -0500

At 01:49 PM 6/22/04 -0400, margh@xxxxxxx wrote:

>> FSM#0 Offshoring is good for everyone because it lowers the prices we 
>> pay for goods and services. It increases our standard of living 
>> because the things we buy are cheaper, and it lowers taxes because 
>> government work can be done at lower cost. 
>I had been thinking of incorporating this into FSM #2 or #5. 

Yes, I can see how it might be subsumed under either #2 or #5. Yet I think
it really deserves a bullet of its own because it is one of the most
persuasive, and widely used, arguments in favor of offshoring. 

>I hadn't 
>considered material goods at all, and that adds another dimension to 
>the jobs argument -- manufacturing/garment industry job losses. I was 
>focusing my research on techie jobs, because I assumed most BizTech 
>writers would relate to them specifically.

Yes, quite so. But we also have to address the general pro-offshoring
arguments because BizTech writers are buying into them. 

>>.. the government should not allow offshoring of government
>> services or work done by private firms under government contract. To 
>> oppose offshoring of government we we have to confront the "cheaper 
>> is better" notion. 
>I don't know .. I've considered some arguments that we'd be better off 
>offshoring the U.S. Congress and some parts of the Executive Branch 

Well, I certainly agree with the sentiment. The problem is, having had
personal experience with bureaucrats and officials in China, India and
Russia, I fear it might be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire. 


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