[biztech-discussion] FY 2005 Commerce-Justice-State (CJS) Appropriations Bill

  • From: "Mike Bradley" <mbradley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 22:58:36 -0700

The Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers supports passage
of the CJS appropriations bill because it includes funding for a study
of offshoring.

It is ironic and, honestly, depressing, that while IEEE protests the
offshoring of engineering jobs it has offshored the editing and
production of its own journals

Even worse, the jobs it shipped to the Phillipines belong to its own
members. Technical writers and other job classifications involved in
creating technical documents and publications belong to IEEE's
Professional Communication Society.

The nonsensical blindness and insensitivity of IEEE to its own
behavior highlights a root cause of offshoring--the inability of
America's workers to look out for each other.

= Mike Bradley
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  Oakland CA 94602
  Member, IEEE Professional Communication Society
  Member, National Writers Union-UAW 1981

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