[bitlug] Re: to get it up n running

  • From: "KARTHIK HG" <karthikisgod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 23 Mar 2004 18:11:54 -0000

On Tue, 23 Mar 2004 TC, PAVAN wrote :
> > Hey Peeyush, i was going thru the commentary and also the=20
> > code, i found that i'll have to make the code using the make=20
> > files included, then of corse i'll need to write a shell to=20
> > round the whole thing off....
> > but i guess to make it truly bootable i'll need to create an=20
> > image and stuff which i have only a vague idea of, so if it=20
> > comes to that, u've gotta help me out...
>just one point to note. Do not take this offensively.
>When writing out a mail to the list, make sure that you involve
>everyone else. The addressing is not what i am referring to,
>but the content. I did look at the previous mails just to follow
>up on what has been happening about this topic. Just found out
>that the "commentary" is all that is mentioned. Please try to
>give the thread a shape so that people can follow what is happening.
>Please do not directly start off from the point where you had left
>it offline. If possible, post the jist of the offline discussions or
>any progress made with regards to the topic.
>peeyush, RFC??

Karthik --->

Ok, dude, got the point, will do that... no probs :)

awrite, peeyush mentioned that a working bash was included with the source, 
actually maybe i've overlooked it, but i dont think its there... anyway, 
getting hold of a shell for the kernel 0.01 is no prob, i think... anyone else 
on this list who have any suggestions on this little effort of mine, please do 
post it... n sorry again for keeping everyone in the dark... :D
Dont flame me for doing this, but here's wishing the Indian Cricket All The 
Best... ;) 

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