[bitlug] Re: march talk

  • From: "TC, PAVAN" <pavan.t-c@xxxxxx>
  • To: <bitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 15:52:01 +0800

>   talk 1 : We come up with our own siff (simple image file=20
> format), or use
>            the .pgm (recommended)
>          : We develop simple display functions
>          : In the first talk, we demo file handling, and=20
> essentially just
>            read in some images and display them.

fine, lets start taking up responsibilities. I can do the initial
start up of the program. If deepak is good at GTK, he can take it
up as well. As it is, i dont have too much of an expertise in=20
handling images in GTK and it had turned out to be all noodles.
dips, RFC.

>  Each talk will be split into a prolouge, which will give a=20
> brief intro to
> the topic at hand, a main demo section, and an epilouge for=20
> gotchas and
> tips. QAs are throughout the talk time...

neat. pep, all this needs a good prep. we should start straight off.
you collect the jingbag. We'll review stuff this weekend. That'll=20
give us another 2 weeks for the redesign/implement loop.
> Other ideas: mandatorily ask a bittian to prepare and present a 30 min
> talk on a related topic... (from talk 2), hold a small quiz=20
> every session

Ok, I can handle the quiz sessions, generally tech, will include
some current affairs in IT. if anybody else interested, we're team.
Atleast, i'll need one for sponsoring the chocolates ;) just to make=20
it more interesting.

>  1.  The pc in the new seminar hall is a win only pc, so if=20
> someone has
> access to a linux laptop....
>  2. Publicity... Dips for the website and Rashmi for the=20
> incollege ads..
>  3. We also need some insiders helping us on this, anyone=20
> know any juniors
> who might be interested??

arent there any juniors on bitlug?? If someone knows one, we'll
put him on the list first. We'll need a linux box, laptop wont do.
one, which we are comfortable with. remember the way things went
wrong with the g++ STL last time? We'll have RH 7.3 installed.
And for publicity + volunteers, we can pickup a few the next time
we go to college, well ahead of the talk.
pep, you'll be going there to meet ashwath/HOD, i presume. Make=20
some announcements regarding this in the classes/get it done.

are we on?

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