[bitlug] Re: lets kick off on the march meet

  • From: "TC, PAVAN" <pavan.t-c@xxxxxx>
  • To: <bitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 16:58:05 +0800

>  I think we can have a session on the life cycle of programs, viz,
> editing,compiling,debugging,profiling this time. Or we take up one of
> mm,process management and have an indepth session on that,=20
> based on linux
>  I can do the mm thingy.
> one can also have networking stuff like DNS working/setting=20
> up, POP/SMTP

This is exactly what i was talking about. If we plunge straight=20
at hard code tech, we'll land up with depleted janta. It wont serve the=20
purpose. Thats why I was suggesting, we start off with something=20
like a project, an example program, dissect it and then get into the
fundas. It will be more concrete. A direct talk on mm/processes etc
will all look very abstract to begin with. It will be hard to=20
associate these with real world programs.

One model is pcguide.com. I feel that this it is a nice way to go
about, to explain fundas. only, here we keep a program as the starting

I say, we choose a program, which will involve IPC, mm, fork and exec, =
bring in process management, and that should do. Then, we can give a =
idea about the VFS, device mgmt/drivers etc and go into implementation.
Each time, we handle one important topic. If it is processes, we first =
all talk about how it is created, which will bring in editing/compiling/
linking+loading/execution. All the tools that we plan to exhibit can fit =
here. This way, we can bring in most of OS, mu P, comp arch + some =
software concepts.

If this is OK, we better start writing something sensible to incorporate =

all of this, and do it ASAP. And we need some time to sit together and=20
take up responsibilities.


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