[bitlug] Re: do u hv a group for bit win

  • From: "j.c.raghavendra" <ragi_reddy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 06:45:16 +0000 (GMT)

Hey Chaps,

I will be glad to be a part of bitlug. 

I would agree with Peeyush's idea of having tech talks
in the same group.

There should not be focus on "Debating" which is
better, Rather the focus should be on "Technology" and

Even if i would have to give lectures on Windows, it
would be only the tip of the iceberg such that people
can work more to get more knowledge.

Any thoughts,

 --- "TC, PAVAN" <pavan.t-c@xxxxxx> wrote: > > > And
i'm also workin on windows now... R u
> interested in a=20
> > windows group?
> well rags, it'll be great if we can have a group for
> it,
> and, you can get some ppl to participate in that. It
> is=20
> exploring different grounds and will add great
> value.
> But on the flipside, it should not give an
> impression of two
> different ideologies being portrayed. At some point,
> it will
> definitely come down to a bit of marketing, and that
> is=20
> something that we should strongly avoid.
> Lets not do the normal windows-linux kinda rants.=20
> I just wanted to make sure that the following ideas
> are
> just personal :) and do not form the reasons for a
> different
> group.
> > > As you know i'm not much of a linux fan.
> > > Earn, Spend and live life ur way!
> > > I feel the world's gotta be commercial.
> And not to mention, I do have a lot of respect for
> your=20
> thoughts and ideologies.=20
> All this aside, lets kick start the "bitwin" group,
> if=20
> you are interested :). But, as peeyush already has
> said,
> you can be a part of BITLUG as well.
> comments please.
> TC

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