[bitlug] Re: a useful c trick

  • From: Turuvanur Pavan-A20404 <pavan.tc@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 18:08:03 +0530

> otherwise.I think this setting is available in almost all clients...

you said almost, and you are right. Microsoft Outlook has
a way of intelligently denying this. There are two types
of accounts in Outlook, the Corporate/Workgroup or internet email.
And internet email a/c is not provided in Motorola. The
corporate a/c does not provide you with this configuration, since
such formatting happens on the server side of the mailing system.
Now, can you think of any *software* being *that bureaucratic*?
or preposterous, should i say?
I did spend a lot of my initial time on this, and found a hack/patch
on MS Outlook which does it, but was not able to install it, since
i dont have admin privileges. It might take some time and till then,
i'll try and do it manually. Sorry about it.

>  Also, if the header changes, I just add another field to my
> structure,while you have to look for and modify every malloc 
> you make...

I dont understand why. I think sizeof(struct blahblah) will do it.
You might have been misled by the code snippet that i sent.


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