[bitlug] TODOs for the next session

  • From: Turuvanur Pavan-A20404 <pavan.tc@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 11:41:15 +0530

Hi all,

As agreed on Saturday, we shall do some homework for the next session.
The most important of them is the topic of the next session. Please
decide among yourselves and comeout with what we should be doing. 
We have the following two options :

1. Kernel Internals :

Address space of a process.
Virtual memory management and need for it.
Real and Protected mode
Kernel and User Space.
Segmentation and Paging
Hardware support for memory management (in x86).
Architecture Independent Memory management in Linux.
Architecture dependant MM in Linux.
A look into memory management code in Linux

Homework :

Memory layout of a pgm - Advanced Unix Programming By Richard Stevens
Intel memory management - Barry Brey or equivalent.
Understanding the linux kernel - memory management.

[ You don't really need to get into details. But go through them once 
  and post the doubts (if any) on the list. ]

2. Design of a Shell

Features of a shell 
Unix execution environment (paths and programs).
An insight into processes, and their management.
Concept of fork and exec.
Implementation of a tiny shell.

Homework :
Kernighan and pike : basics of shell operation
processes - Advanced Unix Programming by Richard Stevens

[ Note down the topics that are a bit hard to understand. You can also
post the doubts on the list ].

Please note that we might not be able to complete either of the topics
in one session and we definitely don't want to interleave them. We will
complete one and then get on with the other.
The homework mentioned under each category is a pre-requisite. Please
go through the same thoroughly and note down the doubts. we can discuss
them during the talks.

Now, we need to come to a consensus on what we are starting with. Have
a discussion and inform the list at the earliest.


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