[bitlug] Re: Pavan's post

  • From: abhinav anand <abhinav.scorpion@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 12:01:23 +0530

Hi ppl,
 its really great nw we are geeting some stuff to read . i need some learnin 
on the OBEX protocol as we are followin that in our project but as me being 
in the application side so our team is not concern with the protocol level 
implementation so i tried with net there were so many material i find it 
diififcult to select the best and comprehensive one .

 On 9/15/05, Pavan T C <Pavan.Chandrashekar@xxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Peeyush Prasad wrote On 09/15/05 20:50,:
> > Hi ppl,
> > Abhinav, you're right, this list is well on its way to being comatose, 
> so
> > lets get some traffic going... I think the best way to start is to post
> > links here and have some discussion on that... Ah! I see that prasad 
> gopal
> > has also woken up! (just got a mail on the list from him...)
> > Ok, Pavan, your last post did not make it thorough, so I am reposting it
> > for you...
> You mean it *filtered* this as *SPAM*?
> > What do you want to present which needs ascii art??
> > I personally have never needed ascii art, but did you check out
> > aalib ??
> > http://aa-project.sourceforge.net/aalib/
> > This is a really cool project , even for the hobbyist... but no, no vim
> > plugins...
> I needed to give a couple of presentations at office. I simply cannot do
> with the power-point stuff. Way too much of work needed to organize it.
> I just take down a few points that help me during the preso and some
> diagrams that are helpful in explaining. Also comes in handy during
> documenting these presos for later reference.
> TC

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