[bitlug] Re: Pavan's post

  • From: Pavan T C <Pavan.Chandrashekar@xxxxxxx>
  • To: bitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:00:41 +0530

Peeyush Prasad wrote On 09/15/05 20:50,:
> Hi ppl,
>   Abhinav, you're right, this list is well on its way to being comatose, so 
> lets get some traffic going... I think the best way to start is to post 
> links here and have some discussion on that... Ah! I see that prasad gopal 
> has also woken up! (just got a mail on the list from him...)
>   Ok, Pavan, your last post did not make it thorough, so I am reposting it 
> for you...

You mean it *filtered* this as *SPAM*?

>   What do you want to present which needs ascii art??
>   I personally have never needed ascii art, but did you check out 
> aalib ??
> http://aa-project.sourceforge.net/aalib/
>   This is a really cool project , even for the hobbyist... but no, no vim 
> plugins... 

I needed to give a couple of presentations at office. I simply cannot do
with the power-point stuff. Way too much of work needed to organize it.
I just take down a few points that help me during the preso and some
diagrams that are helpful in explaining. Also comes in handy during
documenting these presos for later reference.


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